Below are some helpful answers to your questions. These are pretty common questions we get all the time about our company.

Where do you do events?
We can do events anywhere! Yes, worldwide. We are headquartered in Southern California and can do events in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, all of the Bay Area (including San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley), New York and Chicago. Oh, also Las Vegas and occasionally Necker Island. If you have another location in mind, contact us and we’ll see how we can help!

What do you need to set up at my event?
From 6’x6’ to 10’ x 10’ area. We can be flexible depending on the venue. One standard wall outlet and one/two 6’ tables. For larger, experiential events we can talk about the details a bit more.

What if my event is outdoors?
No problem. We love the fresh air and cool breezes. We may need to discuss the details though.

How many people can fit in one video or photo?
As many as you can fit and see on our screen! Usually up to five or six.

OK, I love A Little Scene! How do I book you for my event?
Get in Touch!